Luck is an attribute that plays a small part in all skills, yet doesn't have a skill of its own. Because of this, luck will never receive a multiplier when the player gains a level.

Luck plays a part in other aspects of the game, as well. For example:

  • Luck affects the chances of contracting diseases. You have a better chance of resisting disease as your luck increases. If your luck drops below 50, you have a better chance of catching a disease, to the point where a simple hit from most disease giving creatures will cause you to become sick.
  • When you are betting at the arena, the combatant from the team you bet on will have higher health based on your luck attribute. The higher your luck, the more health the combatant will have.
  • Luck may or may not affect enemy loot but testing has not been conclusive.
  • Luck will occasionally stop traps from activating until you pass.

Mathematical informationEdit

Luck affects a skill's overall performance. When your luck is greater than 50, it adds a bonus to all of your skills. If luck is less than 50, it adds a penalty to all of your skills. The formula for the bonus or penalty is:

Skill + (Luck-50) * 0.4 = Modified Skill Level (<=100).

The following table lists the effects of increasing and decreasing luck on a generic skill of level 50:

  • 000 Luck -- 30 Skill. [-20 net]
  • 010 Luck -- 34 Skill. [-16 net]
  • 020 Luck -- 38 Skill. [-12 net]
  • 030 Luck -- 42 Skill. [-08 net]
  • 040 Luck -- 46 Skill. [-04 net]
  • 050 Luck -- 50 Skill. [+0 net]
  • 060 Luck -- 54 Skill. [+4 net]
  • 070 Luck -- 58 Skill. [+8 net]
  • 080 Luck -- 62 Skill. [+12 net]
  • 090 Luck -- 66 Skill. [+16 net]
  • 100 Luck -- 70 Skill. [+20 net]

In short, Luck's effect varies from -20 (Luck = 0) to +20 (Luck = 100), or +4 skill for every 10 points of Luck. Since the base value of luck is 50, the only time you will have a penalty is when your luck is being lowered by a Drain Attribute: Luck spell.

Luck continues to provide a benefit if it goes over 100, up to a maximum value of 300. Theoretically, this would give each skill a bonus of 120. Two skills that have a benefit above 100 are athletics and acrobatics. Any other skill may or may not benefit from having a higher luck attribute.

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  • Information about the luck attribute was provided by Scy046, contributing author to MichaelCrosato (MykC)'s Faq on Stats and Leveling at GameFAQs. See here: GameFAQs: Detail Stats/Leveling Guide