A staff which can be obtained after achieving Apprentice rank in the Mages Guild. You must complete the quest A Mage's Staff before being offered a staff.

Possible enchantments are as follows:


Fire Damage
Frost Damage
Shock Damage




Soul Trap

It is worth noting that staffs with Destruction enchantments are not uncommon, and can often be found on Liches and other spellcaster enemies, so despite its convienience, you would probably be better choosing another enchantment. Particularly recommended would be Paralysis, since spells or poisons which cause Paralysis are quite rare and expensive. Furthermore, Paralysis cannot be applied to weapons at Altars of Enchanting, so this may be your only chance to obtain a weapon with that feature. Charm and Dispel would be a waste of your staff, since they are of limited utility, and quite inexpensive anyway.

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