Prefering to use their extensive knowledge of all things magical, they wield a might more powerful than the sharpest blade. (in-game description)

Mages use their extensive knowledge and lore of magicka in every way which will help them to solve any given problem. Though most Mages tend to specialize into one school of magic it is not uncommon for a Mage to have significant skill in all schools of magic including the art of alchemy.

The Mage is a premade class.




Favored AttributesEdit

Major SkillsEdit

Description and Use Edit

The Mage is an all around class that, if used correctly, can be made into a powerful player. A well equiped Mage can solve any given situation, and whether it be a difficult lock or a stubborn merchant, a mage can use magic to overcome it. Although not quite as easy as being a warrior, the Mage can be just as, or even more powerful than any soldier. Destruction to obliterate hostiles, conjuration to stem the tide of monsters, alchemy for powerful poisons and potions, and all the rest.

Being a Mage, however, can be difficult, especially for beginners. It takes a lot of concentration and practice to effectively use one. Also, magicka shortages can be a real frustration, so it would be wise to stockpile on Potions of Sorcery. However, with practice and effort one can create a very powerful Mage character. Since Restoration is a major skill for Mages, an effective Mage should be able to hotkey a quick and easy self-heal if they find they're taking a lot of damage.

Another alternative choice for Mages is enchanting items with 100% Chameleon for swift, easy dungeon runs.

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