If you are looking for the main quest for the Shivering Isles expansion, see Main Quest (Shivering Isles).

Note: Remaining Oblivion gates will close when you complete the main questline. This will lead you to not being able to pick up Sigil Stones in order to enchant your items (version 1.2.xxxx). The only exceptions are if you play "outside the box", by duplicating sigil stones, or using console commands Template:TOCright

Quest TipsEdit

  • Level up your Conjuration and find a Summon Daedroth spell at one of the Mages Guild buildings. It is possible to power level up to 100 by level 10 (or sooner). Then just let your demon do all the work. Also a quick way of moving through Oblivion Gates. Just try not to level up too much as the higher you go the more difficult the enemies become, and even your daedroth may not be able to handle them all.



Weynon PrioryEdit

Cloud Ruler TempleEdit

  • Path of Dawn – Getting leads on the location of the Mythic Dawn's base of operations.

Dagon ShrineEdit

  • Dagon Shrine – Infiltrating the Dagon Shrine as you attempt to retrieve the Amulet of Kings

Blood of the DaedraEdit

Bruma GateEdit

Blood of the DivinesEdit

  • Sancre TorMartin tells you that he has deciphered the next part of the Mysterium Xarxes. He claims that he needs the sacred blood of one of the divines, manifest in the ancient armor of Sancre Tor in order to fulfill his mission.


Great GateEdit

  • Defense of Bruma – With three out of four of the items, Martin informs you of a very bold plan to obtain the final item required to open the portal to Mankar Camoran's Paradise - a Great Sigil Stone obtained from a Great Oblivion Gate.
  • Great GateDagon has opened the three lesser gates after a bold plan by Martin to allow a Great Gate, similar to the one that destroyed Kvatch, to be opened. It is now time to enter the gate and obtain the Great Sigil Stone.


Light the DragonfiresEdit

  • Light the Dragonfires –With the Amulet of Kings, it is now time for Martin Septim to return to the Imperial City, claim the Septim Throne, and light the Dragonfires in order to stop the Daedric invasion. Make sure that you end the mission with your preferred weapon equipped, as one of the rewards obtained in this quest is a statue of your character erected to Bruma.
  • Imperial Dragon Armor – After your promotion to Champion of Cyrodiil, you are to be delivered a set of Imperial Dragon Armor as befitting your new rank.


  • There is a way to complete the main quest in a matter of minutes, explained here.