Template:Cleanup Entering from the garden during the day you will find a sleeping bandit and some cheap loot. For a low level character, it is a good place to practice sneaking.

Other notesEdit

  • There is a door in the sewers that cannot be opened from the Market Sewers side. To open the door enter the sewers in the Imperial City Arboretum and then work your way through the sewers to the Market Sewers entrance, where the door can be opened with a nearby wheel.
  • In the Market Sewers there are two trap doors leading to The Best Defense and The Main Ingredient. These doors both have very hard locks. Also worth noting is that if you pick these locks and are in the Thieves Guild, one can easily acquire many items worth fencing, just make sure it's after about 10 or 11 PM. The sewers contain Mud Crabs, Rats and Bandits, all with good items to loot for beginners. There are a lot of low level chests to loot.

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