Prerequisites: None
Faction: None
Quest giver: Count Marius Caro of Leyawiin, in Castle Leyawiin
Reward: None. Leads to Knights of the White Stallion


This quest starts when you talk to Count Marius Caro in Castle Leyawiin. He wants to know why Mazoga the Orc won't leave his hall.

Mazoga is extremely rude, but will ask you to find Weebam-Na. His house is in town across from the "For Sale" house. He will not help you until you persuade him.

Follow Weebam-Na back to Mazoga and listen to them talk. She will be rude to him and demand that he take her to Fisherman's Rock, a camp north of Leyawiin. Weebam-Na will refuse, but talk to Mazoga and she will demand that you take her there.

Note: If you completed the Dark Brotherhood quests then to help in protecting her get on of your murderers from the sanctuary to follow you that way you can dispatch of your enemies even faster.

Head to Fisherman's Rock north of Leyawiin and across the Lower Niben River. Mazoga confronts one of the bandits, Mogens Wind-Shifter, and reveals that she is seeking revenge on him for killing a friend when she was a bandit. Fight the four bandits, making sure you keep Mazoga alive and return to the Count to complete the quest. It is important, if tedious, to walk Mazoga all the way back to the castle. With her low health after the bandit fight, she will tend to get killed by roving enemies on the way. It also helps to have a Heal Other spell to use on her after the fight. An alternative and simpler way of escorting Mazoga is map teleporting back to Leyawiin.

If Mazoga dies, the Count will hold you responsible, and not give you the next quest. This is not hinted at anywhere in the game, but she needs to live - protect her at all costs.


  • If using the PC version of the game one can get great loot from Mogens and his gang at Fishermans rock. Simply resurrect the dead gang members and kill them using the console. They drop good loot, mostly Glass Armor, Mithril, and Elven items.

Previous Quest: None Next Quest: Knights of the White Stallion (quest)

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