Mephala's Shrine
The Heartlands, northeast of Moss Rock Cavern
Offering: Nightshade; offer between
midnight and dawn
Req. Level: 15

Ebony Blade

Mephala's Shrine is northeast of the Imperial City in the Great Forest region. It is located northeast of Roxey Inn and southeast of Anga. This area is shaded by tree cover and some large boulders behind the statue. The shrine is attended by the supplicants Rona and Ciindil, but it is run by the priest, Dredena Hlavel. A few Summer Bolete and a Green Stain Cup are the only alchemical plants of import in the immediate vicinity of the area.

Overview Edit

Prerequisites: An offering of Nightshade between midnight and dawn and be at least level 15
Reward: Ebony Blade, an enchanted katana.
Caution: If you enter Bleaker's Way before taking this quest you may accidently cause this quest to fail prematurely. If so, Mephala will refuse to speak with you at all.

Background InformationEdit

Once you are the appropriate level and made your offering, Mephala will speak to you of a harmonious settlement of Bleaker's Way. A quiet town with its Dunmer and Nord villagers living together peacefully, Mephala wishes that changed. You are to murder the heads of both families and leave evidence that implicates the other.


Your first task is to collect the necessary evidence to implicate the other family in each murder. From Nivan Dalvilu's house collect the Dalvilu Ceremonial Dagger. It is on a small table to your right hand side as you enter Nivan Davilu's house. From Hrol Ulfgar's house collect the Ulfgar Family Ring. It is on a table, near the stairs on the second floor, lying next to a book. When you have collected these two pieces of evidence, go upstairs (where he sleeps) and kill Hrol Ulfgar. He is the head of the Ulfgar family, and once you kill him be sure to plant the Dalvilu Ceremonial Dagger on his corpse by searching his body and adding the dagger. Then go and kill Nivan Dalvilu, the Dalvilu family leader, and simply plant the Ulfgar Family Ring on his corpse to complete your evidence planting.

Once you have implicated both families, go outside and inform any villager that you've seen the family heads attack each other. Each family attacks the other, and the quaint little village turns into a battle ground. At this point, you should feel free to slaughter whom you wish, perhaps even helping your favorite family to victory. Please keep in mind that it has been said that if everyone dies you will be unable to complete the quest, so it might be best to see Mephala for your reward and then return to slaughter everyone who is left. When you return to Mephala, he will reward you with the Ebony Blade.

If everyone dies you cannot complete the quest.

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