The wrecked Emma May in the mouth

The Mouth of the Panther is a landmark slightly southeast of Bravil, that begins the Panther River. The name refers to the mouth of the river, which contain sharp, jagged rocks that can tear apart ships' hulls. This area contains a wrecked ship, the Emma May.

Wreckage of the Emma May Edit

The wreckage lies on the southern shore of the Panther River at its mouth. The capatin's quarters have been sealed off from outside entry by debris and a hole has been torn into the side of the ship allowing access to the Emma May Upper Deck. The Upper Deck has a small, empty room, beds and assorted containers. From there you can travel up to Emma May Captain's Cabin or down to the Emma May Mid Deck.

The Captain's Cabin contains a chest and a sack. The Mid Deck holds more containers and an exit to the Emma May Lower Deck. The Lower Deck is slightly submerged and you can see water through the floorboards. The locked room here requires a key.

This ghost-filled shipwreck is part of the The Forlorn Watchman quest. Because it is ghost-filled it is a good source of Ectoplasm to be used in Alchemy or as part of a quest, such as Drunk and Disorderly.

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