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Note: This quest goes along with the Fighters Guild quest, Den of Thieves.
Faction: Fighters Guild in Anvil
Quest giver: Newheim the Portly in Anvil
Reward: Three of Newheim's Special Brew

Background Information Edit

As you discuss the Den of Thieves quest with Newheim, he'll tell you that the thieves are at Hrota Cave. He'll also tell you that his family heirloom was stolen by those thieves, so he'd like you to retrieve it.

Walkthrough Edit

Head to Hrota Cave. There are seven bandits in the cave; kill them all. Don't forget to pick up the Flagon on a table in the pit of the largest room. Return to Newheim to hand him his Flagon, and then return to Azzan for your reward.

Journal Entries Edit

Upon receiving the quest:

Newheim has mentioned that he had a family heirloom, a pewter flagon, stolen by the thieves. If I return it to him, he'll reward me.

If you manage to retrieve the lost heirloom:

I have found Newheim the Portly's flagon. I should return it to him.

After you return the flagon to Newheim:

I've returned Newheim's Flagon to the Nord, who was pleased to have the heirloom returned. He rewarded me with three bottles of his own special brew.

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