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Faction: Dark Brotherhood
Quest Giver: Dead Drop Orders #2
Reward: 500 GoldIcon


Your objective is to eliminate the entire Draconis family, five targets in total. The only information you have to start with on this mission is the location of Perennia Draconis, the mother of the doomed family. She is located at Applewatch farm just west of Bruma.


Perennia DraconisEdit

Head to Applewatch and speak to her. You must extract the location of her children and then kill her. The best way to do this is to pretend to be the shopping service she has hired to send gifts to all her kids. She'll generously give you a list of all the other Draconis family members as well as 100 gold for the errand. Kill her and then move on. You could also kill her and take the list from her or let an enemy kill her.

Caelia DraconisEdit

Caelia Draconis is a city watch guard in Leyawiin who works the night patrol. Unfortunately, she doesn't appear to have any moment of vulnerability you can exploit. She is rarely alone and is always armoured. Any attack in public will of course leave you with a large bounty, not to mention a great deal of trouble from the other Leyawiin guards. The best time to take Caelia out is just after she finishes her watch at 7 am. She will go to a private room upstairs in the Three Sisters Inn. Here it is possible to engage her one on one. A one shot kill here is difficult due to her being fully armoured so you will likely pick up a small bounty regardless. One way of avoiding the full 1000 gold whammy is to whittle her health down to a small sliver and then use a poison attack with a long duration. Do your best to avoid her until she succumbs to the poison. This death should only leave you with the 40 gold bounty you picked up for the initial attack.

One option that works and does not seem to incur a bounty is for characters who are skilled at stealth and marksman is to kill her at the place she sleeps. When you enter the NorthEast gate of Leyawiin there is a guard tower there with a big red banner with a horse on it (City Watch Barracks). Go into sneaking mode and enter the door on the right. Once in the lower level of the tower there is a storage room and another bunk room with a door. Sneak into the storage room and wait there NOTE: if you enter and the lower room is crowded you may be told to leave. While waiting in the room if a guard tries to enter you can kill them without alerting the other guards. Make sure to kill any approaching guards before your Stealh Indicator (Eye Cursor) lights up because if they see you you will be told to leave. When Caelia enters kill her with your ranged weapon and once done, exit the tower the same way you came in. NOTE: If you are in the Tower and you move too far away from the storage room and try to kill anyone you may get caught.

Another option to kill Caelia without getting bounty is to get her into a place where it's just you and her. Don't mind the civilians because they won't attack anyway. Then, if you are a Conjurer, summon Dremora and attack it three times. This will make wild, attacking both you and Caelia. Just run and let Caelia attack the Dremora. After a few hits, the Dremora will fight Caelia. Just summon more Dremora and attack them a few times until the Dremora eventually kill her. Note: This does not work if you summon/ dupe Rufio's ghost. The watchmen will always come running. This is most likely due to the fact that Rufio's ghost was give to you to help commit murder. But

Caelia always kills the first Rufio and sits back down with no proplem.

If the neighborhood watchman is in the area, he will sometimes assist you if he sees Caelia attacking you.

A third alternative for not getting any bounty is to use a Frenzy spell, provided that you are skilled enough in Illusion and have a potent enough spell. Once cast, she will attack you first, and you have every right to defend yourself.

Yet another option is to get practically 100% Chameleon through any means, and strike her down. You might or might not get a full 1000 gold murder bounty, but it's possible to avoid it since they cannot find you.

Note for the conjuration option: you can't provoke a fight and whittle her down, and then use the Dremora strategy to avoid the blame: you still get hit with the 1000-gold fine even if Caelia is fighting to defend you when she dies, if you did most (any?) of the damage.

Another option is to talk to her and say that you need her dead. She will follow and attack you. Run out of the town to the Oblivion Gate and jump into it. Jump over the damaged bridge and she will fall into the lava and die. Move out of the Gate and travel to Waterfront where you pay your fines of 20 gold.

Yet Another Option is (In her private room) to tell her you are here to kill here, she will start to attack you, get out of the room, go upstairs, summon a monster, then jump onto the chandelier. She will try to run through the side railings, while the monster attacks her without any defense from her. I managed to do it just with a summoned skeleton, and it works perfectly.

Also, you can wear the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal if you have it and kill her as usual. Get her in a place where is just you and her and put on the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal. After you kill her, take off the Cowl. The Gray Fox's bounty will go up but not your character's.

Lastly, you can wait for her to sleep in her private room, and then reverse-pickpocket her with a cursed item, cast a strong frenzy spell on her, wake her up. She will equip the cursed item and attack you. All you need to do is wait for the cursed item to do its job, killing her without a bounty.

    • I had another tip to add for those people who are still struggling with this quest and simply want to get it over with. If you're someone who just wants to take the easy road and kill her in a few seconds, simply go to the options menu and lower the difficulty level to the lowest setting. *Note* I did this and killed her in about 3 or 4 swings but accrued the 1000 gold bounty on my head. You can also do this and use the Frenzy Spell method mentioned above. Lower the difficulty and cast the spell. If she attacks you first simply defend yourself. Now I know that this is, in a way, cheating but the quest definitely proves to be a tough one for many reasons and like I said, if you're just someone who'd trying to get it done, try this. I've never really had to do this myself because I like to play on the normal difficulty and be challenged but there comes a time when you have to take the easy way out. Hope it helps!**

Andreas DraconisEdit

Andreas is at The Drunken Dragon Inn and always has a guard posted in his room, staring almost directly at him, at all times, with no breaks. This makes it almost impossible to simply kill him. However, there are several ways to trick him into attacking you, at which point you can defend yourself. Simply talking to him and either saying that his mother bled like a pig or that you would like to kill him is the most direct way. If you tell him his mother bled like a pig, he gets mad and attacks you, at which point the guard attacks and eventually kills him. You can also use a Frenzy spell. Should either of these count as a crime in any way, try lowering his disposition to 0. (Enter the Speechcraft minigame, and either deliberately fail at it by matching the large wedges to the options he hates, or simply not pick anything and stare blankly at him as his disposition slowly falls.) He is very aggressive, and will attack you simply for not liking you.

While the constant guard presence makes him almost impossible to assault without an alarm, the guard proves to be his undoing if you get him to attack first, arguably making this the easiest kill in the entire mission.

Another way of killing him is to wait until he is asleep, and then perform a sneak attack for a one-hit death, behind the counter. If done correctly, the guard will not see you and you will receive no bounty.

Yet another way is to simply sneak to the steps behind the guard, arm yourself with a good bow, poison your arrow with a paralyze/damage health poison and shoot the guy. This will knock him out and he will die quietly. The guard will do nothing as long as you remain in sneak mode.

One more way to do this is that if you have a charm spell for ~100, just charm the guard and then stealth kill Andreas with an enchanted dagger, such as the one given as a bonus from the Brotherhood. The guard will run over to you but since the last of the damage was done by the dagger and not you, it's only an assault and he lets you off without a bounty.

You can also break into her room, tell her you are going to kill her, run to your guild, but make sure she is chasing you. Your guild will kill her and you will have no bounty. I just tried for over an hour to kill her and this was the only thing that worked for me. I ran to the mages guild and ran from her.

Sibylla DraconisEdit

Sibylla Draconis lives in Muck Valley Cavern with her surrogate family of wild animals. This kill is straightforward and you should approach it like a standard dungeon crawl with a boss. There are no witnesses other than her mangy (and probably dead) crew, and since she is aggressive and will attack you on sight, you don't have to worry about any nasty bounty this time.

In the first cavern you will confronted by a wolf and a rat, the second cavern contains 3 rats and the last cavern contains Sibylaa Draconis herself, accompanied by 2 rats. This is level dependant, as a level 12+ you have to kill black bears.

Its possible that once you enter Muck Valley Cavern you will see her standing right in front of you with her back facing towards you making this a very easy kill

Matthias DraconisEdit

The final family member can be found in the Talos Plaza District of Imperial City. Matthias Draconis is asleep upstairs in his house from 12 am - 5 am. Pick the lock to his door and end him.

This can sometimes be very difficult if there is another NPC walking around downstairs, but if you have a very high sneak (or possibly chameleon spells) and he is facing away from the door when you walk in, you can sometimes sneak up the stairs to where Matthias is without being spotted.

If he is not in his house, Matthias works as a Guard in the Umbacano Manor, you can find him in the basement. Easy to kill, a way to not get a bounty if a guard is nearby is to tell him you killed his mother he will become aggressive and the guard will kill him for you. If he is outside of the manor, follow him until he goes through a stonewalled garden, here you can sneak attack him with no bounty.

NOTE: Killing Matthias during the Adarjhi's Heirloom quest will get you kicked out of the the Thieves Guild and you will have to pay the blood price.

Pick up your reward and new orders at the next dead drop in Skingrad Castle courtyard.

Please note that you can kill them before this quest so as soon as you get it, you will finish it.

Trivia Edit

Andreas Draconis of the Drunken Dragon Inn suggests that you go to the Inn of Ill Omen or the Tiber Septim Hotel instead. Both of those inns are involved with a Dark Brotherhood quest.

If you return to Applewatch sometime after completing the quest, you will find the tombstones of all five Draconis members, with a personalized epitath for each, and Caelia's sword leaning against hers. If you read Perennia's headstone, its epitath is somewhat threatening ("Here lies Perennia Draconis -- May her spirit forever curse the murderer who stole her precious life") and reading it causes her ghost to spawn directly behind you and attack. The ghost is extremely weak and should not pose a threat, but it can be startling. (Or it might just blatantly scare you).

Journal Entries Edit

Upon receiving the quest:

I have received my new orders from Lucien Lachance. I must kill every member of the Draconis family -- Perennia Draconis, Matthias Draconis, Andreas Draconis, Sibylla Draconis and Caelia Draconis. I know the location of only the family matron, Perennia Draconis, who can be found on the farm known as Applewatch. I should head to Applewatch, find out as much information as I can on the locations of the other family members, and then systematically kill them all.

After speaking with Perennia Draconis:

Perennia Draconis has given me a document that lists the locations of all the members of her family. She thought I was the delivery person she hired to buy gifts for her children. I will instead use the list to find and slay each family member. I should start with Perennia herself. Then I must kill Matthias Draconis in the Talos Plaza District of the Imperial City, Andreas Draconis in the Drunken Dragon Inn, Sibylla Draconis in Muck Valley Cavern and Caelia Draconis in Castle Leyawiin.

After killing all the Draconis family members:

Every member of the Draconis family has been killed. I must pick up my reward and next contract at the dead drop located in the stone well in the Castle Skingrad Courtyard.

Previous Quest: Affairs of a Wizard Next Quest: Broken Vows

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