An example of the Night-Eye effect

Night-Eye is an Illusion spell effect which causes the target's vision to no longer be affected by lighting conditions. While under the effects of Night-Eye, the game world is cast in a bluish hue which makes darker areas much more visible. Since the effect casts everything in blue light, colors are no longer visible with this effect on, making some normally easy to spot items much harder to pick out, such as Potions and Nirnroots.

The blue light is also very boring and can cause accidents such as not seing traps and miss-judging heights, not seeing cave holes etc. And don't combine night eye with light unless they have different periods.

Khajiits have the lesser power Eye of Night, which costs nothing to cast and gives the player 30 seconds of Night-Eye. It also doesn't train the skill illusion.

Related SpellsEdit

The most useful spell in this category is Void Gazer, which is sold by M'raaj-Dar. It is a lot cheaper to cast than any other Night-Eye spell in the game, and lasts a lot longer. The spell lasts for 150 seconds and costs 54 magicka.

Ingredients that can cause Night-EyeEdit

Unless the ingredient has Night-Eye as its first effect, the ingredient must be combined with related ingredients via Alchemy to make a potion with the Night-Eye effect.

Objects with Night-EyeEdit

The Ring of Nighteye can be found on almost every Mythic Dawn agent, this ring allows the player to have the Night-Eye power for any amount of time at no Magicka cost. This makes it a very valuable item to possess, despite its little monetary value. The Ring of Nighteye can also be crafted by combining a Sigil Stone with an ordinary ring. The unique helmet Fin Gleam has Night-Eye as one of its constant effects, although it can be difficult to find without the aid of Night-Eye.

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