Prerequisites: None
Faction: N/A
Quest Giver: Lithnilian
Reward: Level adjusted potions

Background InformationEdit

You can begin this quest either by talking to Lithnilian at the Imperial Bridge Inn or by finding his notes in Bramblepoint Cave. He was researching a natural outcrop of Welkynd Stones when he was attacked and fled, dropping his notes in his flight.


If you started this quest by finding his notes, then you simply have to go to the Imperial Bridge Inn and speak with Lithnilian. He will immediately give you your reward, thus ending the quest.

If you started by speaking with Lithnilian, he explains his predicament and gives you the location of Bramblepoint Cave. It lies a very short distance to the West, on the other side of the Yellow Road. The cave itself consists of three levels and a variety of natural creatures. On the third level there is a boss creature guarding a chest with fairly good loot inside. However the chest with the research notes is in the corner of the room with the boss chest. Once you have them, return to Lithnilian to claim your reward.

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