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An Imperial Legion Forester hunting deer for food.

Non-player characters, or NPCs, are any characters in the game world that are not controlled by the human player. NPCs are controlled by Radiant AI, a complex system in which NPCs move about the world in a non-scripted, life-like manner and perform daily tasks including, shopping or hunting for food, going to church, painting, or even going on a mission of assassination. Also, An NPC under influence of mods (Gameplay Changes) Will act like a PC.

In general, the term "NPC" refers specifically to humanoid NPCs (i.e. the main races).

Types of non-player charactersEdit

General humanoid NPCsEdit

In general, these types of humanoid NPCs are enemies and will pick a fight with you as you approach. There are always a few exceptions, however.

The following are not hostile towards you:

In the Shivering Isles, additional NPCs include:

Details about non-player charactersEdit


NPCs can be healed using a spell or a scroll that does Restore Health on Target, or cured of poison or paralysis for example.

Commanding NPCsEdit

Currently, unless you are running a mod which affects NPC AI, the most control you have over an NPC under your command is whether or not they follow you.

Fighting NPCsEdit

When hovering your cursor over certain NPCs, a crown cursor indicates that that character is a quest-related NPC and usually cannot be killed. They can still be fought and knocked unconscious (and you can still get a bounty from assaulting), but will rise up again. This can be used to gain experience as the characters will rise up again with no memory of the attack

When fighting an NPC, they will chase you as you run through rooms or outside of buildings or caves. They can also flee from you if you're about to defeat them, or if they've been demoralized.