Head east from 'The Arcane University', and you will eventually come across 'Nornal'.

Nornal is an Ayleid ruin located west of Drakelowe. It consists of four rooms that contain puzzles and traps.( see # 17 on Nibenay map.)

A friendly Orcish Adventurer can be found in the final room, Nornal Goriluch. He is apparently in search of treasure for Gortwog and Orsinium. He will come to your aid if you are attacked within that room.

Nornal Goriluch also contains a gate release puzzle.

Solving the Gate Release Puzzle. Edit

There are four push blocks arranged at the beginning of the walkway. From Left(L) to Right(R) and Upper Block (UB) to Lower Block (LB) each block will be labeled L-UB (A), L-LB (B), R-UB (C), R-LB (D). The four gates will be labeled 1,2,3,4 as you would pass through them from the puzzle side.

  • Block A controls gates 1 and 3 but only when one is up and the other is down, otherwise it only controls gate 1
  • Block B controls gates 1 and 2 but only when one is up and the other is down, otherwise it only controls gate 2
  • Block C will control gates 2 and 3 but only if gate 2 is open (this block shuts it) otherwise only gate 3 is affected
  • Block D controls gates 1 and 4 but only if they are in the same position (whether both up or both down)

So from all gates up as you originally find them the sequence should be C (gate 3 open), B (gate 2 open), then D (gates 1 and 4 open).

Rooms Edit

  • Nornal
  • Nornal Ageasel
  • Nornal Varlasel
  • Nornal Goriluch

Enemies Edit

Significant findings Edit

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