Vampires are humanoids afflicted with Vampirism. It is commonly believed that Molag Bal created the first vampires, though his method differs depending on who is telling the story. There are many different clans of Vampires all over Tamriel, though in Cyrodill, only one clan exists. Vampires on Nirn are Undead, once mortal, most victims die in the third day of incubation after being infected, thus "Dying" as they sleep, awakening new.

Vampires are the result of the disease Porphyric Hemophilia, which can infect most humans, mer and even argonians. An infected person has approximately three days to cure themselves, or they risk becoming a vampire themselves. Vampires on Tamriel exhibit many of the weaknesses assigned to their kind in oral traditions, including an aversion to sunlight. However Vampires in Tamriel aren't effected by garlic, except Vicente Valtieri who is allergic to it.

Vampires are not strictly a race of themselves; rather, there are vampiric forms of nearly all other sentient races. A vampire's skin will be pale or gray-tinted compared to living members of their race, due to the lack of circulation. Vampires also tend to develop red eyes (or white eyes in the case of Khajiit and Argonians), and their canine teeth will sharpen into fangs. Vampiric people are stronger and faster than living people of the same race, though they also develop a weakness to fire. Cyrodillic vampires that feed regularly can pass as living mortals. For example, Janus Hassildor, Count Skingrad, Jakben Earl of Imbel, and Seridur.

Other types of vampire in far off lands are described in an in-game book, Immortal Blood.


The bulk of the vampires that are encountered across Cyrodiil are vampiric forms of some other character class. A vampire, upon undeath, maintains the class he or she had been as a living being. Vampires conform strictly to their class, as can be seen by their choices of weapons, magic, and armor in combat. Extremely old and powerful vampires may also mature into one of two unique vampiric classes, the Matriarch and Patriarch.

The following character classes have been spotted in the wild in vampiric form:

Generic Sub-Types Edit

Vampire Patriarch and Matriarch Edit

Vampire Matriarchs and Vampire Patriarchs are very strong vampires. As their name implies, they are the "mothers" and "fathers" of a band of vampires, similar to a Marauder Warlord. Being at a high position, they are very well equipped with the highest quality armor and weapons of your level. Use caution, they defend themselves well, and attack viciously. Like all vampires, they have a weakness to fire.

Matriarchs and Patriarchs can usually be found in caves, ayleid ruins, mines, or forts that contain nests of vampires, but not until the higher levels. You may also find a large concentration of Vampire Matriarchs in the official Mehrunes Razor mod during the Unearthing Mehrunes Razor quest. They will likely carry some good heavy armor and weapons compared to the player's level.

Other vampiresEdit

Playing a vampireEdit

For more information on becoming and playing a vampire character, see Vampirism.

How to cure vampirismEdit

  • If you've contracted the disease, such as after fighting a vampire and being bitten, you are given three days to cleanse yourself of Porphyric Hemophilia before you become a full-fledged vampire. You can cleanse yourself with any Cure Disease potion, spell or a mandrake root, or by visiting a chapel altar and praying at it.

For info on how to cure vampirism itself after the three days have passed, refer to the quest, Vampire Cure.

Locations Edit

Vampires can be found in the following locations:

indicates vampire patriarch/matriarch location. Note: you might find Vampires in Skingrad at night.

Combating VampiresEdit

Vampires are more difficult to defeat than most normal opponents, the least of reasons being that they are all able to turn themselves invisible. The best methods for defeating Vampires vary based on what class and race a character is using, although there are some general tips that are always applicable:

  • Fire: All Vampires harbor a weakness against fire, and this can be quickly and easily taken advantage of. Mages can use quite powerful fire spells from the standard list, and the random enchanted fire weapons available to warriors and archers are also effective. Custom spells and weapons can also include a Turn Undead effect for use against the various undead enemies that may also be encountered.
  • Summoning: The use of summoned creatures can make otherwise difficult fights against multiple Vampires much easier. The basic creatures available from summoning spells suffice as a distraction, however high level summons like the Dremora Lord and the Shivering Isles Flesh Atronach are powerful forces in their own.
  • Disease: When fighting Vampires, protection against Porphyric Hemophilia is important, especially for those characters who do not want to become Vampires. The loss of fatigue is severe enough, though, as it slows down fatigue regeneration, weakening the combat potential of melee fighters. As such, it is recommended that you at least carry a cure disease potion, or mages can employ a simple cure disease spell. Do not be tempted to use the potions immediately after infection, though. Instead use them once the dungeon is complete, to null risk of a second infection.

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