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The Mythic Dawn are a Daedric cult who worship Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric Prince of Destruction. The cult is responsible for the emperor Uriel Septim VII's assassination. Many of the cult members are skillful in the art of magic and are able to cast a unique conjured Mythic Dawn armor, conjure weapons as well as cast some offensive spells.
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The Shivering Isles is the new world included in TESIV:Shivering Isles expansion pack released by Bethesda Softworks for TESIV: Oblivion on PC and Xbox 360. Also known as Sheogorath's Realm of Madness, the Shivering Isles is home to a variety of new creatures, quests, people, and ingredients for players to interact with.

The World
  • Storyline – The story driving Oblivion
    • Lore – The background of the Elder Scrolls
    • Main Quest – Close shut the jaws of Oblivion!
    • Quests – Side quests and miscellaneous quests
  • Factions – The guilds and factions of the land
  • Housing – Real estate within the game
  • Locations – A list of cities, towns, and all areas
    • Maps – Maps of the cities and other places
  • Items – Information on different types of items
    • Books – A library of books found throughout the game
  • Bestiary – The creatures populating Cyrodiil
  • Non-player characters – Merchants, spell merchants, and other general NPCs
  • Travel – Traveling options throughout Cyrodiil
The Character
The Arts
  • Combat – Attacks, blocking, and dodging
  • Magic – All things magic including, magical items, stones, and scrolls
  • Stealth – The art of sneaking, stealing, and stealth

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