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Faction: Dark Brotherhood
Quest Giver: Ocheeva
Reward: None
Bonus: None

Background Edit

Lucien Lachance has specifically summoned you for a special task. You must meet him at Fort Farragut to receive your contract.

Walkthrough Edit

Ocheeva hands you sealed orders from Lucien. Upon opening them, you discover that Lucien wishes for you to fulfill a special contract that you must not discuss with the others. He instructs you to meet him at his abode in Fort Farragut to receive the contract.

You may enter the fort through the front door, but you will have to deal with all his Dark Guardians. Though this path will yield more loot, it is also more perilous. A quicker route exists behind the fort: North-west of the fort's main entrance, look for a hollowed out tree. Inside is a secret passageway that leads directly into Lucien's quarters. Climb down the rope ladder and speak to him to receive your special contract.

Journal Entries Edit

Upon receiving the quest:

I must accept a contract from Ocheeva.

After receiving the sealed envelope:

I have spoken with Ocheeva, and she has given me sealed orders from Lucien Lachance himself. Apparently it is an urgent matter, and I must read the orders as soon as possible.

After reading the letter:

I have read the sealed orders from Lucien Lachance. I am to meet him at Fort Farragut, which is in the wilderness northeast of the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. Apparently, he has a special assignment for me. Fort Farragut is located a very short walk due north of Cheydinhal's East Gate. Just as Lachance warned, his stronghold is guarded by 6 Dark Guardians, as well as several other traps.

Previous Quest: Permanent Retirement Next Quest: The Purification

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