Open Lock, as part of the Alteration skill, is a spell that opens a locked container or door. The magnitude is the highest lock level that can be opened. Casting an Open Lock spell on a door with a too high a lock level for the spell increases your Alteration indefinitely. Also, by a very small random chance, Open Lock might open a lock of a higher skill than you have (Ex: Opening an average lock with skill for only easy locks - every 1 in 200 or so cases).

Effects Edit

  • Open

Spell List Edit

Name Effect Magnitude Duration Range Area Mastery
AlterationOpenOpen Very Easy Lock Open Very Easy 0 Target 0 Novice
AlterationOpenOpen Easy Lock Open Easy 0 Target 0 Apprentice
AlterationOpenOpen Average Lock Open Average 0 Target 0 Journeyman
AlterationOpenOpen Hard Lock Open Hard 0 Target 0 Expert
AlterationOpenOpen Very Hard Lock Open Very Hard 0 Target 0 Expert

Spell merchants who sell "Open" spellsEdit

Open Very Easy Lock and Open Easy LockEdit

Open Average LockEdit

Open Hard LockEdit

Open Very Hard LockEdit

  • No merchants sell the Open Very Hard Lock spell. You must make it through spellmaking.

See alsoEdit

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