The Pale Lady is a vampire who lives underneath Castle Skingrad. She feeds on prisoners in the Castle Skingrad dungeon. It is told by one of the prisoners that each night she and the guards take one of the prisoners from their cell and feeds on them, but the third time they never return. It's likely that she finishes the prisoners off on the third time because it takes three nights for a bitten one to turn into a vampire. It appears that the castle guards have made some form of truce with The Pale Lady whereby she feeds on the prisoners of Skingrad and leaves the rest of the town alone. It's unlikely that Skingrad's count, Janus Hassildor, is aware of her presence underneath his castle because he also orders you to clear a nest of vampires close to the city and states that he doesn't feel sorry for his brothers and this should also warn the other vampires that Skingrad is his territory. The Pale Lady is encountered and killed during the Lost Histories quest for the Thieves Guild.

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