Pale Pass is a snowy area north of Bruma. To get there, one must go through the dangerous Serpent's Trail. The pass was originally the site of an Imperial fort that was taken over by the Akaviri during the Akaviri Invasion of 1E 2703. However, the war ended and supplies never reached them (see Fort Pale Pass). The fort is now in a state of decay and is infested with undead Akaviri soldiers. The quest Lifting the Vale requires you to retrieve the Draconian Madstone from the fort.

The pass is also host to its own type of Ogre, the Pale Pass Ogre Stonewrecker.

Minor side quest: Keys and BarrelsEdit


As a small side quest in the area, in one of the small frozen ponds southeast of the fort there is a Frozen Barrel. In this barrel you will find a key and a Crumbled Note. The note tells us a little story about how someone (G.S.) steals a ring from the wizard Ortharzel. After fleeing this mysterious person ends up in the Pale Pass and decides to hide the ring here. He mentions that he used the "key to a key" trick.

The key from the Frozen Barrel unlocks the Rusty Chest hidden amongst the grass in the tower just west of the entrance to the Mouth of the Serpent. The Rusty Chest contains a key to the Old Chest hidden behind some rocks along the trail southeast of the lake with the Frozen Barrel. The Old Chest contains the key to the Forgotten Chest southwest of the entrance back to Serpent's Trail. Lastly, the Forgotten Chest contains the stolen Circlet of Omnipotence, a one pound ring which increases five abilities by a small amount each.

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