Paralyze is an Illusion effect that causes the target to be unable to move or take any action including attacking, blocking, or using objects. The magnitude of the effect is the duration. Paralyze effects, besides invisibilty, are among the most costly in the school of Illusion magic, so a very high skill level will be required to make this spell efficient and cost-effective. A useful side effect of Paralyze is that you can pickpocket the enemy NPC with 100% success, no matter your sneak skill. You don't even need to have sneak active, just target them and press the activate key. This comes in handy when fighting enemies who have a lot of healing potions, as you can steal them, making the enemy much easier to kill.

Paralysis can also be caused by a Power attack from a Master of Blade, Blunt or Hand to Hand, or by a regular bow attack from a Master Marksman.

Effects Edit

  • Paralysis

Spell List Edit

Name Effect Magnitude Duration Range Area Mastery
Debilitate Paralyze 0 3 Touch 0 Journeyman
Immobilize Paralyze 0 7 Touch 0 Expert
Paralyze Paralyze 0 10 Touch 0 Master

Ingredients related to ParalysisEdit

Unless the ingredient has one of the following paralysis-related effects as its first effect, the ingredient must be combined with related ingredients via Alchemy to make a potion with that effect.

Ingredients that can resist paralysisEdit

Ingredients that can cure paralysisEdit

Ingredients that can paralyzeEdit


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