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The Plundered Mine is a mine located east of Bruma. It is the base of operations for the Three Feather goblin clan.

Rooms Edit

  • Plundered Mine
  • Plundered Mine Abandoned Works

Other than goblins, chests and barrels, a Goblin Totem Staff, and some Silver Veins, there isn't much else to find in this mine. Silver Nuggets from the Silver Veins can be gathered here and a Goblin Totem Staff found near the shaman can also be plundered. Common in caves and mines, Wisp Stalks and Cairn Bolete are found here as well.


  • Three Feather Goblins (Three Feather Goblin Berserker, Three Feather Goblin Shaman, Three Feather Goblin Skirmisher, Three Feather Goblin Warlord)