An Imperial Legion soldier is solicitng help on the Green Road outside of Leyawiin to put a stop to some drug traders.

Overview Edit



Prerequisites: None.
Faction: None.
Quest giver: A legion guard named Lerexus Callidus, outside of the western gates of Leyawiin (near the Five Riders Stables).
Reward: Level-dependent gold.

Walkthrough Edit

Lerexus wants a skooma dealer named Kylius Lonavo "taken care of." Lerexus asks that Lonavo's ring be returned as proof that his operation has been stopped. Kylius operates out of the Greyland settlement. The settlement is just a short trip southwest.

Upon entering the house, you are accosted by Kylius Lovano and a Marauder sidekick. Both wear level-dependent armor. Lonavo usually wields an enchanted claymore.

After defeating Lonavo, you can search his body for Kylius Lonavo's ring. Return the ring to Callidus for a leveled gold reward.

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