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A rank is a title that a player can reach when a skill has reached a certain level, or when the player reaches a certain point in faction progression.

Ranks in skillsEdit

Skill levels are rated on a smooth scale of 1 to 100, and certain levels determine what general rank the player is in for that skill. This rank will determine what skill perks he or she has based on how far the skill has progressed. The available ranks are as follows:

  • Novice: 1-24
  • Apprentice: 25-49
  • Journeyman: 50-74
  • Expert: 75-99
  • Master: 100

Ranks in factionsEdit

Being a member of a faction also provide ranks, except the rank is based on the player's commitment to completing quests and advancing in the faction. Just as with skills, certain ranks provide character benefits, or guild perks.