The Reflect spell property is of the Mysticism school of magic. It comes in two types: Reflect Damage and Reflect Spell.

Reflect Damage works by reflecting a percentage of afflicted damage back at your opponent, thus reducing the actual damage you receive. It reflects only physical damage, so magicka-based damage still fully damages you. For example, if you have a Reflect Damage with a spell magnitude of 95%, then 95% of damage inflicted upon you would be returned back onto your opponent. The other 5% would actually damage you.

Reflect Spell works by reflecting a cast spell back to the caster. The value of reflect spell ranges anywhere from 0 to 100, with the value representing the percent chance to reflect the spell back. Thus, having "Reflect Spell 100% for 10 secs" renders the player invulnerable to all enemy-based magic for 10 seconds.


  • Both reflect spell and damage can also be found on magical items such as the Mankar Camoran's Robes.
  • If you have a Reflect Damage on a shield you do not have to block for the spell to reflect damage.

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