The Ring of Burden is a part of the Cheydinhal Recommendation quest. It is a joke of a ring that caused the death of another Mages' Guild Initiate, Vidkun. Despite its name, it is just a heavy ring, not an enchanted ring. Most enchanted rings have the name Ring of [Effect].

Base Value Weight
0 GoldIcon 150 WeightIcon
Apparel ID: 0002E5AC

The only practical use for the ring is to place it on someone else in order to "burden" them with it. 150lbs is alot of weght and since NPCs will not remove it, its effects are permanent (unless you remove it). It can be placed on a person either by sneaking and reverse pickpocketing them or by paralyzing them and then placing it on their person (while in sneak mode). Though 150lbs is alot of weight to carry around "feather" effects can be used to allow the character to carry more. The ring can also be dropped and then grabbed and carried around in order to negate its weight.

Also, when worn it will enhance your punching power. The effects may vary from user, but a noticable change in the impact physics is present. Damage may be unaffected, but launching mudcrabs across the map is always fun.

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