Rona Hassildor is the wife of Janus Hassildor's, the Count of Skingrad, and is only seen briefly in the game. She is a vampire, yet refuses to drink blood, and as a result, she slips into a coma. Getting her a potion to cure her vampirism is part of the quest "Vampire Cure". Once the quest is complete, Rona will drink the vampire cure potion and after a brief reunion with her husband, falls dead.

Rona lies in a coma behind a secret wall in Castle Skingrad.

Getting into her roomEdit

There are 2 ways of getting into the room where she is located.

  • Completing the Vampire Cure quest.
  • As you walk in to the castle courtyard from the bridge, turn left and walk up the stairs.  You should be able to jump from the railing on to the roof.  Once you are up, stick to the west wall and and jump onto the ledge over the castle door, keep heading north and jump up as high as you can go.  If you look over the edge, still facing north, you should see a hallway below you, jump down on top of it.  At the end of the hallway you will see a doorway right at the end of it, you need to walk slowly backwards and as you fall off, activate the door and you will be inside.  If you do this before you have finished the Vampire Cure quest, the only way out is to go into the hallway that you jumped off and fast travel out.

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