Scamps are weak enemies usually found in the realms of Oblivion and near areas which have had gates to Oblivion. Small creatures with an affinity to flame, they can cast flare, a basic fire damage spell, and are quick enough to be bothersome in groups, but can be killed rather easily by themselves. Encounters end around level 10, and are replaced by Clannfears.

General statsEdit




Damage typesEdit

  • Attacks with claws.
  • Can use a fire damage attack.

Soul levelEdit

  • Lesser (300)



  • Stunted Scamp – A weaker version of the scamp
  • Everscamp - Summoned using the Staff of the Everscamp


  • Can be summoned as a ally/minion using the apprentice-level Conjuration spell, Summon Scamp.
    • Summoned Scamps do not drop Scamp Skin (as they are summoned and leave no corpse). They can, however, be soul trapped

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