Sheep are domesticated animals that are raised for their meat and wool. In Oblivion, the Sheep pose no threat to the player and will essentially ignore the player and some do not have the abillity to fight back. Sheep are seen either being herded just outside of a town or are in pen/stockades. Attacking Sheep is a crime and if caught doing so the player will get a bounty of 5 gold.

Sheep will follow the player around if he/she carries an apple. The amount of sheep that follow you depends on the amount of apples you carry (eg. one apple = one sheep, two apples = two sheep, three apples = three sheep). The maximum amount of sheep that can follow you is three.


General StatsEdit

Drops Edit


  • None


Damage typesEdit

  • Physical

Soul levelEdit

  • Petty (150)

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