Shield spells of the Alteration school create a shield around the target's body, thereby increasing the armor rating of the target by the magnitude of the spell.

Effects Edit

  • AlterationShield Shield

Spell List Edit

Name Effect Magnitude Duration Range Area Cost Mastery
Aegis Shield 50 60 Self 0 403 Master
Shield Shield 40 30 Self 0 151 Expert
Guard Shield 30 30 Self 0 104 Journeyman
Defend Shield 15 30 Self 0 43 Apprentice
Protect Shield 5 30 Self 0 10 Novice

Purchased from:

Shield SubtypesEdit

These shields all have the same effect as the normal Shield spell in addition to reducing damage from their respective elemental attacks

Ingredients that cause ShieldEdit

Unless the ingredient has one of these shields as its first effect, the ingredient must be combined with other related ingredients via Alchemy to make a potion that has that shield effect.

Standard ShieldEdit


Fire ShieldEdit


Lightning ShieldEdit


Frost ShieldEdit


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