Shimmerstrike is the Enchanted Dagger of a Wood Elf combatant from the Yellow Team in the Imperial City Arena. He is the first opponent players face after being promoted to the rank of Myrmidon.

Base Value Weight Base Damage Health Speed Reach Enchantments Charge # of Uses
116 GoldIcon 5 WeightIcon 8 DamageIcon 500 Health-icon 1.10 0.80 Frost Damage 5 pts
Light 100 pts for 5 secs
200 MagickaIcon 14
Weapon ID: 0002990E
  • Base Value refers to the value without factoring the effects of mercantile skill or NPC disposition.
  • Base Damage refers to the base damage rating without factoring the effects of the appropriate skill, attribute, or the condition of the weapon.

Note: Looting fallen combatants is strictly against the Battle Rules of the Arena. Therefore, capturing Shimmerstrike is not possible without using the console or the aid of a mod or hack.

You can obtain this weapon by using the Skull of Corruption on your opponent and killing the clone.

Note: If using the Skull of Corruption glitch to gain the sword, a glitch may occur when loading a saved character who has the sword on his/her person. Solution is to place the sword in a container or drop on the ground before saving.

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