Sinkhole Cave is a cave located northwest of the Imperial City along the coast of City Isle. It has two main areas, the entrance, and the Sinkhole Great Hall.



Upon entering the cave, you'll come to a 90 degree bend to the left. Here there is a log swing trap that comes down from the ceiling. You can avoid this by sticking close to the walls on either side.

Bandit CampEdit

Outside of the entrance to the cave there is a bandit and a bandit bowman, both of which are relativley easy to defeat. Aside from what you can loot from their bodies there are some low-value items scattered around, as well as several beds.

Large ChamberEdit

In the center is a lowered area with another bandit camp. There is steel hammer toting bandit, as well as a mace of numbing bandit here. There is an easy level locked chest here with some gold inside. In this lowered area there is a door to the lower area of the Sinkhole Great Hall.

To the NE, there is a tunnel with some weak enemies inside (rat, crab). There is a trap in here. At the end there is a door also leading to the upper area of the Sinkhole Great Hall.

Sinkhole Great HallEdit

Lower AreaEdit

Tunnel leading down into a log trap and a few lesser enemies. Bandits may also fall from above (upper area). A few chests but nothing of worth.

Upper AreaEdit

There are 2 bandits and 1 dog in this area.


In the NW corner of the Upper Area, there is a chest with some nice items. What you get probably depends on your level.

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