A player fighting some skeletons

Skeletons are animated by necromancy, a practice of magic that manipulates the dead. The skeleton has the same abilities and equipment as when the original owner was alive. Skeletons wield various equipment from claymores to axes to bows, and may carry enchanted weapons.

One type of skeleton, Skeleton Champion, has an ability to summon another weaker skeleton minion, such as the Skeleton Warrior. The Champion only appears to be able to summon once though, so once his minion skeleton is defeated the Champion won't summon another minion.

Skeletons make excellent targets for Marksman due to their lack of fleshy parts; all arrows fired at them will still do normal damage, but will ricochet off of the skeleton's bones, falling to the the ground. Once the skeleton is defeated, you can pick up every arrow that you fired (off of the ground, not the skeleton's body). The only chance of losing an arrow is if it falls to an unreachable place or fades out normally. They are immune to paralysis.

General statsEdit




Damage typesEdit

  • Physical

Soul levelEdit

Depends on subtype



  • Skeleton
  • Skeleton Hero
  • Skeleton Warrior
  • Skeleton Champion
  • Skeleton Guardian

Special subtypesEdit