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Faction: Mages Guild
Quest giver: Adrienne Berene of the Skingrad Mages Guild
Reward: Skingrad recommendation


Adrienne Berene promises to write your recommendation if you will find out what has happened to another Mages' Guild member named Erthor.

After asking other mages in the Skingrad Mages Guild Hall about Erthor, you learn that he is very clumsy with his Conjuration, and had a little incident with a summoned scamp. Because of this, Erthor was asked to do all his Conjuration practice in a cavern named Bleak Flats Cave, west of Skingrad. You are also asked to remind Adrienne that this was her idea. Adrienne vaguely remembers saying something of the sort, and asks you to go to the cave and investigate why Erthor hasn't returned recently. She also teaches you a basic area-of-effect Fireball, so you know you are in for a fight.

Once inside the cave, you encounter seven 'deranged' zombies. Area-of-effect spells prove very effective against the groups of zombies. After killing all the zombies, you can locate Erthor holed up in one end of the cave. He is very grateful that you eliminated his renegade creations, and wishes to follow you back to Skingrad Mages' Guild.

Once back at the Skingrad Mages' Guild Hall with Erthor in tow, speak with Adrienne again and she will write your recommendation.


There is a minor bug that occurs during this quest, in which Erthor follows you around for the rest of the game, even after he talks with Adrienne. There is a way around it, however. After entering the Mages Guild Hall with Erthor, tell him to wait. Wait a few hours and talk to Adrienne. She should have spoken to Erthor by then, unless she is asleep at the time, in which case wait until morning.

Journal entriesEdit

After talking to Adrienne Berene about the recommendation:

In order to get a recommendation from Adrienne Berene, I need to find Erthor and return him to the Skingrad Mages Guild. I should speak with the other guild makes to learn his whereabouts.

After talking to the Druja about Erthor:

I have been told Erthor was last seen at Bleak Flats Cave, west of Skingrad. I should remind Adrienne of this.

After talking to Adrienne Berene about Erthor:

I need to go to Bleak Flats Cave and find Erthor.

After talking to Erthor in Bleak Flats Cave:

I've found Erthor in Bleak Flats Cave, and have agreed to escort him back to Adrienne Berene in Skingrad.

After returning Erthor to the Skingrad Mages Guild and talking to Adrienne about your recommendation:

Adrienne Berene has agreed to send a recommendation to the Arcane University on my behalf.
  • Ray-J Note*

Note that while in Bleak Flats Cave, everything you see is property of Erthor, a member of the Mage's Guild. Therefore, even though you are at a secluded location where there should be no concept of property, picking up anything results is a one way ticket to Leyawiin to pick up Dragon Tongue and Redwort. Also, if you tell him to follow before you steal, he is with you until you rejoin the Mage's Guild. Talking to Adrienne does nothing. This can be useful in other quests, as when he is threatened he will use his magic (Summon Scamp, Bound Dagger, Bound Axe, Heal Minor Wounds) to help, but if you so much as bump into him or the scamp he will attack you. If you knock him out however he acts like nothing happened. He is technically a civilian though, and will flee if the going gets tough. Also, he can pick up weapons which he keeps indefinitely. After going through one dungeon I noticed upon departure that he was carrying an Akavari Katana. Bottom line, this can be helpful but don't count on him.

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