Unlike in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Staves are not melee weapons, but rather are magical weapons that are usually imbued with a magical attack, such as hurling out fireballs. You cannot execute sneak attacks with them. They can usually be found on conjurers and other magic-using enemies. If you participate in the later level Mages' Guild Quests you will end up picking up a lot of these off of necromancers you have slain.

As a general rule, staves weigh 10 WeightIcon. This applies to almost every staff except for the unique staves. The unique staves may vary in weight, some being heavier, others being lighter.

You are also able to create your personal staff upon gaining access to the Arcane University. The enchantment on it is leveled. You may buy staves in the Imperial City Market District from Rindir's Staffs.

Staves sold at Rindir's Staffs:

Weapon Weapon Type Weight Effects
Apotheosis Staff 10 WeightIcon
  • 33 Fire damage on Target
  • 33 Frost damage on Target
  • 33 Shock damage on Target
Lesser Staff of Telekinesis Staff 10 WeightIcon 10 ft. Telekinesis for 20 secs.
Staff of Fire Staff 10 WeightIcon 80 pts. Fire damage on Target
Staff of Light Staff 10 WeightIcon 40 ft. Light for 60 secs.

Other significant stavesEdit