Storm Atronach

The Storm Atronach is the lightning version of the atronach species of Daedra. Made of stone, and kept together with magic, these large creatures are the most powerful of all the atronachs, having the most powerful close range attacks and the longest reach. They can throw a right jab once per second an can gather up the whirling stones surrounding them and swing/fling them a short distance at a foe who is just out of reach.

They move by entering a vortex- or "stone tornado"-like state and are extremely hard to hit with regular melee during this time period. They can cast shock based spells, frequently hurling electrical bolts at foes. Melee fighters beware: Storm Atronachs also seem to reflect damage back at the attacker (although this is not true with spells or ranged attacks). It is likely this indicates the presence of a Shock Shield on the Atronach.

They can be found in the Deadlands, Mehrunes Dagon's Plane of Oblivion, and in other Planes as well. On Tamriel they are typically encountered near Oblivion gates or guarding the caves and tunnels occupied by Daedra cultists. It is said there is a powerful Conjurer who can summon them, but it is not a common spell. Summoned Storm Atronachs are brutally efficient against most Daedra, who are both vulnerable to electricity and tend to use it as a weapon themselves (probably because of the first reason). In addition, the paralysis inflicted by Spiderling venom cannot affect their stony physiques.

General statsEdit



  • Immune to Paralysis
  • Immune to Poison
  • Immune to Shock
  • Shock Shield
  • High rate of attack both in melee and at range
  • Large and massive, helping them hold ground



Damage typesEdit

  • Physical
  • Shock magic

Soul levelEdit

  • Greater (1200)



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