Telekinesis is a Mysticism spell or spell effect. It allows you to manipulate inanimate objects from a distance.

Note: Your character automatically has what is effectively a short range telekinesis ability: see Grab for details; although using the Grab ability to lift an item belonging to another character counts as stealing. The Telekinesis spell can be purchased at the Leyawiin Mages Guild.


This spell is useful when attempting to steal items, as it allows you to "pull" items towards you while remaining undetected.

Other uses include:

  • Activating traps by pushing an object through a tripwire, or placing a heavy object on a pressure plate.
  • Retrieving items that are out of reach (for example, Welkynd Stones or Varla Stones that are mounted in elevated brackets).

How to use the Telekinesis SpellEdit

  • To use the Telekinesis spell, you must actually 'cast' the spell twice; once to enable the ability, then again after you have targeted the item you wish to move.
  • The first time you cast the spell, you enable the ability and enter "grab mode".
  • Once in "grab mode", item names in the lower right-hand corner will appear in orange text to indicate that the item is able to be manipulated and that it is in range.
  • To "grab" the item, cast the Telekinesis spell again: to indicate that you have succesfully grabbed the item, a faint glow will appear around the item.
  • At this point you can move the item for the duration of the spell by moving the mouse or joystick (it has been "grabbed" and no further button presses or holding down of buttons is required). It will float (if raised off the ground or other surface) at a fixed distance.
  • If the item is on the ground, you can drag (or roll) it by just moving the mouse/joystick. (Note that by looking down, you will be moving the item closer to you by dragging it across the floor.)

Once an item has been "grabbed", the following options are available for manipulating the object:

  • Pull: To move the item closer to you, press and hold the "block" key/button (e.g. the right mouse button; left trigger on 360 version).
  • Push: To move the item away from you, press and hold the "attack" key/button (e.g. the left mouse button; right trigger on 360 version).
  • Release: To release (drop) the item, press the "attack" and "block" buttons at the same time.
  • Launch: To launch items long distances, while pushing it away with the attack button press the block button and the item will fly a long distance.

Once the spell duration has expired, floating items will drop to the ground. Items in motion will continue in motion using standard game physics.

Note that you will generally remain in "grab mode" (item names still appear in orange text) after the first item manipulation.


  • Once you have pulled an item within your reach, you can take the item using the standard method of adding items to your inventory.
  • The maximum distance you can push the item is the maximum selectable range.
  • "Pushing" or swinging items at enemies (or allies) will not damage them.
  • Using "pull" on a floating item is more effective than dragging/rolling it across the ground.
  • By timing a "push" or a lateral movement with the "release" action, you can throw or launch items.

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Telekinesis 'magicka recharge' exploitEdit

An interesting thing can happen when you have constant effect spell absorption on you. Because telekinesis is a target based spell, but it affects yourself (meaning, it's target based on an object, but the object is brought to you), spell absorption allows you to absorb the telekinesis spell, specifically the magicka of the spell.

You might think: Why would I need to absorb the same amount of magicka I have just used? Well, you actually receive more magicka in return than it had just cost you to cast it. This has to do with the original base cost of the spell, which is not reduced by your level in Mysticism.

For example, when you cast a simple spell, such as Remote Manipulation that would originally cost 28 magicka, but is reduced to 5 because of your mastery in mysticism, it will provide you a total of 23 magicka. I have found out that you cannot get your magicka up to your total amount, just up to the total amount minus the energy cost of your telekinesis spell. Example: you have 450 magicka, you have lost 50 magicka: 400/450 magicka. Then you start casting Remote Manipulation until it stops, you will now have 445/450 magicka. (only if you are master mysticism that would reduce that spell to 5). Now try making a spell that costs a lot more, like 75 magicka. This will immediately bring your magicka back to full except the 75 that it had cost.

This trick is very useful to characters that have chosen Atronach as their birthsign, they will be able to regenerate their magicka even faster than (non-stunted magicka mages). They will never need enemies that cast spells to gain magicka, and they will be free to cast spells whenever they want. The only disadvantage is that you won't be able to cast Telekinesis to move objects around. (or you could take off your enchanted armor)

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