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Temple of the Ancestor Moths

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Location on the world map.

The Temple of the Ancestor Moths is located at the far eastern end of the Jerall Mountains range and northeast of Azura's Shrine, it sits in a valley cleft. It is a favoured location for Ancestor Moths, which are abundant there.

The Temple of the Ancestor Moths is a small settlement consisting of a well-built chapel (Temple of the Ancestor Moths), alongside a rough hermitage for monks (Monk's Quarters), a small graveyard and the Ancestor Moth Crypt.

The area is tended to by Brother Hridi and Brother Hjar who work outside until 6PM and then head to the Monk's Quarters. Brother Holger spends time in the chapel or the crypt and returns to the Monk Quarters after 7PM.

The only significant plants here are a few clouded funnel cap by the stairs leading to the temple grounds.

It is recommended that you leave the whole area alone until the relevant quest as entering certain doors will trigger quest updates which can mix up the Thieves Guild questline.





Although of no real benefit or interest, this map has an area with clipping errors. In the Catacombs of The Temple of The Moth section (the second area), look for the bit of hallway with the smooth ceiling in approximately the same spot as the player location arrow in the image above. If you have a high enough Acrobatics skill, you can jump in the northwest direction from the steps at the end of the hallway, and the player's head will pass up through the ceiling. You can see the wall of the upper half of the large room, as well as many of the other hallways in the area. Also, in third person view or Vanity Mode, you can slide the camera up a bit and the camera will slip through just like the player's head. You cannot shoot arrows through the ceiling, but target spells, such as Fire spells will slip through.

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