Prerequisites: Collect one Ayleid Statue
Faction: N/A
Quest giver: Lord Umbacano
Reward: 500 GoldIcon per statue, 5,000 GoldIcon bonus for complete set


Lord Umbacano of the Umbacano Manor in the Imperial City Talos Plaza District is a collector of rare Ayleid antiquities.


As soon as you exit the Imperial Prison Sewers from the beginning of the game, there will be an Ayleid ruin named Vilverin directly ahead, if you explore deep enough into the ruin or another one listed below, you'll find an Ancient Ayleid Statue.

Take this to Lord Umbacano and he will ask that you find the other 9 to complete his collection. Also, you can just sell a statue to your favorite shopkeeper, and Lord Umbacano will send his butler to see you. He walks from the Talos Plaza District, so it will take that amount of time to come to you. Selling in the Imperial City Market District is therefore quickest.

Upon finding a second statue Umbacano will give you the map references for five more sites, leaving you with three other sites to find by yourself. He will then also give you the Quest Nothing You Can Possess where you must go to High Fane to collect a carving. Completing that will lead on to Secrets of the Ayleids.

You will receive double the item's price if you give it to Umbacano (500 GoldIcon a statue) and will receive a bonus of 5,000 GoldIcon for completing the set. This makes it an easy and a fun way to get 10,000 GoldIcon if you're playing at a lower level. If you do want more   GoldIcon, you can steal the statues back and sell them to a fence. Of course, this means you must join the Thieves Guild first if you haven't already.

The Ayleid statues are found in the following Ayleid ruins:


This quest can be rendered incompletable. If you finish the "Nothing You Can Possess" and "Secrets of the Ayleids" quests prior to turning in all of the Ayleid statues you will no longer have a 'collector' to sell the statues to (see "Secrets of the Ayleids" for further details). Having free reign to Lord Umbacano's estate might well be a fair trade off (referencing the keys you can loot from his corpse).

Previous Quest: None Next Quest: Nothing You Can Possess

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