The Count's Arms
The Count's Arms
Location: Anvil
Merchant: Wilbur
Gold Limit: 50 GoldIcon
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The Count's Arms is the tavern in Anvil run by Wilbur. Situated between Quill-Weave's House and Arvena Thelas' House, the Arms are in view when entering from the Anvil Dock Gate. You can enter the inn from the front or a back door near the city wall.

The ground floor is dominated by a spacious taproom and The Count's Arms Private Rooms, upstairs, has five bedrooms.

Regular customers include: Quill-Weave, Jesan Sextius, Mandil, Didier Aumilie, and Velwyn Benirus.

Wilbur sells only foodstuffs and it costs 25 GoldIcon to stay one night.

Quests Edit

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