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Overview Edit

Faction: Dark Brotherhood
Prerequisites: Membership in the Dark Brotherhood; completion of Scheduled for Execution
Quest Giver: Teinaava
Reward: 200-600 GoldIcon (Depends on your current level); Boots of Bloody Bounding
Bonus: None

Background Information Edit

Teinaava in the Cheydinhal Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary gives you this quest. He wants you to kill a renegade Argonian, residing in at Bogwater camp in extreme southern Blackwood. This is truly a side quest, but it is only available for Dark Brotherhood members who have killed Valen Dreth.

Walkthrough Edit

Teinaava will point out Bogwater on your map, where the Argonian, named Scar-Tail, is hiding. When you find the camp, you can choose to kill Scar-Tail immediately, or talk to him. He will offer you a sum of money (equivialant to the sum Teinaava will reward you), if you leave him alone, and bring the heart of another Argonian, which you can take from the body of a killed Argonian nearby.

It is also possible to kill Scar-Tail, take his heart AND his money (it's hidden in a hollowed-out rock nearby), and then return to be rewarded by Teinaava. If you choose to kill Scar-Tail, you will receive the Boots of Bloody Bounding from Teinaava when you give Scar-Tail's (or the dead Argonian's) heart to him. You could have two Argonian Hearts, if you choose to take Scar-Tail's Treasure, Kill him, and take the Argonian Agent's Heart. If you complete this quest you will be able to loot it from Teinaava during the purification.

Journal Entries Edit

Upon receiving the quest:

I must journey to the southeastern tip of Cyrodiil, to a swamp known as Bogwater. There I will find a renegade Shadowscale known as Scar-Tail. I must kill Scar-Tail, and return his heart to Teinaava.

If you choose to help Scar-Tail, you will get this message:

I have agreed to spare Scar-Tail's life. I must take the heart of the dead Argonian assassin, and present that to Teinaava instead. To thank me, Scar-Tail has shared the secret hiding place of his treasure -- in the hollowed-out rock near Bogwater campfire.

When you find the heart, you receive this:

I have obtained the Argonian's heart. I must now return to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Cheydinhal and present it to Teinaava.

If you choose to kill him instead, this will appear when you have obtained his heart:

Scar-Tail has been killed. I must now return to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Cheydinhal and present his heart to Teinaava.

The mission ends with this message:

I have presented Teinaava with the Argonian's heart.

Notes Edit

If you complete the Dark Brotherhood quest, "The Purification" given by Lucien Lachance, before completing this quest you will not receive the reward and the quest cannot ever be completed.

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