Faction: None
Quest giver: Long Forgotten Note
Reward: Ring of the Gray



In the Rosethorn Hall Top Floor, there is a little housing unit around the top of the stairs. On top of that housing, all the way against the west wall, there is a "Long Forgotten Note". You can reach it without any furniture by getting in the corner between its North wall and the Bedroom's West wall, jumping straight up, and grabbing the note from the corner. Another way to get it with furniture is to jump onto the nearby table, then onto the bookshelves, then just grab the note (it will be at eye level). This note gives a riddle, “Two bodies have I, though both joined in one. The more I stand still, the quicker I run.” The answer to the riddle is an hourglass. In the basement there is a pillar with garlic hung on the sides of it. Where the pillar meets the ceiling there are a few connecting planks running diagonally. Between one of the planks and the pillar is a battered hourglass, take it. NOTE: You will not be able to obtain the hourglass without taking the note. The hourglass will appear after you have picked it up.

Contents of the Battered HourglassEdit

Journal EntriesEdit

Upon receiving the quest:

I've discovered an old, dusty parchment in an unused part of Rosethorn Hall. I doubt that it's been disturbed in at least 200 years or more. It tells of a treasure located somewhere within this place. If I can answer the riddle, I may know what I'm looking for.

After picking up the hourglass:

Inside a battered hourglass, I've discovered a ring and several precious gems. This must be the treasure of Rosethorn Hall.

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