Prerequisites: None(?)
Faction: None
Quest giver: Slythe Seringi's journal page one inside Shetcombe Farm
Reward: None, but you can take the offering to The Sunken One which is in a bag next to Slythe's corpse which holds an emerald, 2 flawed pearls, a flawed topaz, 2 pearls, 3 silver nuggets, and some coins.


This quest is found upon entering Shetcombe Farm to the north-east of Kvatch. Once inside you'll need to find a diary page which is located in a bowl on the middle table. Read it and it will tell you to head to Sandstone Cavern which is close by to the north-east. Make your way through the cavern and you'll find the body of Slythe Serengi the former owner of Shetcombe Farm which has fallen in a grotto. He was on his way to make a gift to The Sunken One to stop the Oblivion gates from opening. The bag with him will contain all sorts of gems and precious metals. The Sunken One is also in the grotto and you either have to fight him or flee. The Sunken One is a large living rock creature (Storm Atronach). Find and read the third page of Slythe's diary to finish the quest.The Second Page of The Diary is behind a chest

Journal EntriesEdit

Upon entering Shetcombe Farm:

I've entered what appears to be a recently abandoned farmhouse. Perhaps if I search around, I may find a clue as to the owner's whereabouts.

After reading the first journal:

I've come across a discarded page from a journal of a Slythe Seringi in an abandoned farmhouse near the ruins of Kvatch. It mentions some sort of pilgrimage to bring an offering of great value to something called "The Sunken One". All signs point to Sandstone Cavern nearby. I should proceed there, as I fear for Slythe's safety.

After reading the second journal:

I've come across a second discarded page from Slythe Seringi's journal. This one details his descent into Sandstone Cavern and how he met dangerous resistance and began to doubt his journey. I should press on and see if I can locate him.

After finding Slyth'e corpse:

I've located Slythe Seringi's corpse. I should search around him to learn the conclusion to his sad journey.

After reading the final journal entry:

On Slythe's corpse, I've located his last journal entry. It seems he fell here believing he was truly going to meet his god and give an offering to him to help all of Tamriel. His death is a sad end to such a well-intended sojourn.

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