In general, a tool is an object that can be used to aid in accomplishing a task.

Alchemy toolsEdit

Alembic Edit

The alembic is optional and decreases the magnitude of all negative potion effects. So if you are planning on creating just positive effect potions, you will not necessarily need this apparatus.

Calcinator Edit

The calcinator is optional and increases the magnitude and duration of ALL effects, both postive and negative.

Mortar & Pestle Edit

The one apparatus that is required for Alchemy is the mortar and pestle. This is the basic apparatus you need to combine two or more ingredients into a potion.

Retort Edit

The retort is optional and increases the magnitude and duration of all positive potion effects.

Armorer toolsEdit

Repair HammerEdit

The repair hammer is used for repairing damaged or broken weapons and armor.

Security toolsEdit


A lockpick is used for picking the locks of doors and chests.

Skeleton KeyEdit

The Skeleton Key is an unbreakable lockpick which also increases Security by 40 points. Obtained as a reward from Nocturnal's Quest, for PC users the item ID is 0000000B.