The Tower Stone with Imperial City in the background.

Towerstone armorer

Its location southwest of Imperial City.

The Tower Stone is located just east of Vindasel on the Red Ring Road. It's northwest of the Old Bridge landmark, which is south of the Imperial City Waterfront.

It bestows two greater powers:

Note that the Warden Key greater power granted by the doomstone acts as a more powerful "open lock" spell than the spell you receive if you choose the Tower as your original birthsign. When using the spell, remember to aim extremely carefully at the lock, or door which you wish to open. It is easy to miss when casting at the target, and if you do miss your only option will be to try to pick the lock, use another spell, or if you do not have access to either possibilities, wait 24 hours for it to recharge. This can be very inconvenient.

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