Turn Undead, is a Conjuration effect, which temporarily decreases an undead creature's Confidence. Like other AI-altering effects, the strength of the spell is based on a magnitude-to-level conversion. At the spellmaking and enchanting altar, you will see levels (up to level 25) instead of magnitudes because of this.

Since undead are unfazed by demoralize spells, turn undead is a good crowd control mechanism.

Those with the birthsign of The Ritual have Blessed Word, which turns undead, as a Lesser Power spell. This is the most powerful turn undead spell in the game, since it's level is 25 (spells that affect creatures "up to level 25" will actually work on a creature of ANY level, as long as your character is not wearing any Armor; however, since Blessed Word is a Lesser Power, it will always work).

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