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Faction: Mages Guild
Quest giver: Raminus Polus at the Imperial City Arcane University
Reward: Promotion to the rank Evoker and receive the Spelldrinker Amulet

Background InformationEdit

As part of their investigation of the necromancers and the deaths of their two mages, Raminus Polus asks that you head to Skingrad and retrieve a book from Count Janus Hassildor.


Follow the map and travel to the Castle Skingrad. Talk to Mercator Hosidus during the daytime in Castle Skingrad. He asks to return tomorrow and will bring you new information.

After returning in 24 hours, Hosidius says to meet outside, west of town at 2 AM to meet with the Count. Head out to the marker on the map (between the wine fields and the Cursed Mine) and wait until 2 AM. At this point you will be ambushed by Mercator and two other necromancers, Arterion and Mondrar Henim. Once you've dispatched the enemies, the Count will intervene at the end of the fight. He will run to you so don't mistake him for a necromancer. However if you hit him, he will just collapse and will stand up in few seconds. It turns out that there really is no book and this was just false information given to you to try to bring the necromancers out of hiding. Return to Raminus Polus at the Arcane University with the Count's information for your reward.


There is a bug that makes Hosidus not notice that 24 hours has passed. If this happens, try simply leaving the castle and go and wait outside for 24 hours. When the 24 hour are up (yes, you can skip time) wait till it is nightime (around 7pm) then return.

Journal EntriesEdit

Upon accepting the quest:

Raminus Polus has asked me to retrieve the book from Janus Hassildor, Count of Skingrad.

After talking to Mercator Hosidius in Castle Skingrad:

Mercator Hosidius, a liason to the Count of Skingrad, has told me the Count is not accepting visitors. I need to return tomorrow.

After speaking to Hosidius again the next day:

Mercator Hosidius told me the Count will meet with me North of the Cursed Mine west of town at 2 AM.

Meeting at the location around 2 AM:

Count Hassildor saved me from the ambush set by Mercator Hosidius. I need to deliver his message to Raminus Polus.

Returning to Raminus and speaking to him:

I've delivered Hassildor's message to Raminus Polus.

Previous Quest: A Mage's Staff Next Quest: Vahtacen's Secret

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