Umbacano is a High Elf Ayleid artifact collector who lives in Umbacano Manor in the Imperial City Talos Plaza District. He spends most of his days on the second floor of his manor reading about Ayleid artifacts and the like. It is hard to see him without breaking a few laws unless you have something that would be of interest to him. Show Jollring, his man servant, an Ayleid Statue to catch Umbacano's attention. Otherwise you may find yourself speaking to his guards Usheeja and Matthias Draconis. Developing a positive relationship with this NPC can yield very profitable results to the player. This is especially critical at lower levels when gold is harder to come by. He will start the quest The Collector.

On a side note, Umbacano is the name of a High Elf mage in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind who is in the Yassu Mine inside Ghostgate. It is likely they are the same person due to them both being High Elves.

Umbacano's Guards and Staff Edit


After acquiring three Ayleid statues, Umbacano will send the player on harder additional quests.