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Faction: Fighters Guild
Prerequisites: The Unfortunate Shopkeeper and The Desolate Mine
Next Quests: Amelion's Debt and Den of Thieves
Quest giver: Modryn Oreyn in Chorrol (After you speak to Vilena Donton)
Reward: Gold (see link), and 1 point of fame if you tell Oreyn that Maglir did default.


Modryn Oreyn tells you that a rather undependable Guildmate named Maglir has defaulted on a contract to recover a Journal from a mine infested with undead. You are to locate Maglir and find out why he hasn't returned to Chorrol.

First you must find Maglir and ask him why he defaulted. If you ask around Skingrad, you will be told that he is at the West Weald Inn. He will tell you that the job should have been for 3 or 4 people, and he believes that he isn't paid enough for the job to put his life on the line. He tells you that you can do the job for him if you would like, and marks the location of Fallen Rock Cave on your map. There's no point returning to Modryn, he'll just tell you to go finish what Maglir didn't. Go to the cave, and kill the undead to find your way to a back room with knee-deep water where the journal is located, next to a chest in a recession in the cave wall. Grab the journal and exit the cave.

In a seemingly random occurance, you may encounter an enemy, with his own blackbear, who attacks you as you approach the cave. Near to the cave is a shrine, which you can activate and get blessings from.

Once you are out of the cave, you will have to decide whether or not to tell Oreyn that Maglir wasn't the one that fulfilled the contract. If you want more information you can go back to the Inn and speak with Maglir, but it isn't necessary in the outcome of the quest, only when you choose which reply when you talk to Oreyn.

If you talk to Maglir first, you have two options: you can tell him that you will tell Oreyn that he recovered the journal, or you can rebuke Maglir for not recovering the journal. If you tell him you will lie for him, he seems reluctant and thanks you. If you tell him that you are going to tell the truth, he says that you must do what you think is right.

When you report back to Oreyn, you are given two options when speaking to him. You can tell him that the contract was not defaulted, and you simply recovered the journal from Maglir, or you can tell him that Maglir did indeed default, and you had to do the job yourself. You get the same amount of gold as a reward either way, but you get an extra point of fame if you tell him that Maglir defaulted.

Journal EntriesEdit

Upon receiving the quest:

I have been told to report to Vilena Donton in Chorrol for assigned duties.

After speaking to Vilena:

Vilena Donton has told me that, as a member of the Fighters Guild, there are a number of duties I'll be expected to perform. She would like me to speak with Modryn Oreyn about these.

After speaking to Oreyn:

Modryn Oreyn has told me that as my first duty, I am to find out why Maglir has defaulted on a contract he was given near Skingrad.

After arriving in Skingrad and inquiring his whereabouts:

I have been told that I can find Maglir at the West Weald Inn in Skingrad.

After having spoken to Maglir:

Maglir tells me his contract was to find the scholar Brenus Astis' journal within Fallen Rock Cave. He doesn't believe he's being paid well enough for the dangerous assignment, so he has chosen not to complete it. He has told me I should complete the contract instead.

Once you have found the journal:

I have found Brenus Astis' journal. I should either speak with Maglir or tell Modryn Oreyn that the contract is now completed.

If you spoke with Maglir afterward:

Maglir has told me that he doesn't care whether or not Modryn Oreyn knows that he did not complete the contract.

If you told Oreyn the truth:

I told Modryn Oreyn that I completed Maglir's contract. He doesn't believe it's good to let Maglir slide on these things, but he applauded my sense of duty.

If you lied to Oreyn:

I told Modryn Oreyn that I convinced Maglir to complete the contract. I'm not certain he believed me, though.

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