Riding the unicorn

The legendary unicorn is a type of mount that can be found at Harcane Grove, where it is guarded by three Minotaurs of the Grove. To mount the horse, all you simply need to do is sneak up to it and press the use button. However, the unicorn doesn't like weapons drawn, including just your fists, and will attack you or anything else in sight once provoked.

Once mounted, however, the unicorn is considered yours and will fast travel with you. If you get off the unicorn and it starts walking away, it will eventually make its way back to the Grove. You can stop it by remounting it and getting off again. Otherwise, the unicorn acts just like any horse; it will stay there while you wait, rest, or do other things. If you plan on keeping it, don't kill it in battle; it won't respawn in the same area you found it.

If you plan on killing the unicorn, it can only be harmed by silver, daedric, or enchanted weapons.


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  • Normal

Damage typesEdit

  • Physical
  • Magical

Soul levelEdit

  • Greater (1200)

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  • If any other creature is attacked near it, the unicorn will attack you. Because it is fast, the best solution is to mount the horse and place it in a remote area where it cannot see you or your attacker. You may return to your enemy if you so choose. Be wary, as the unicorn will still make its way to the Grove as you fight. So they take great responsibility if you plan on keeping one.
  • If you bring the unicorn to an area around NPCs (like guards or Blades), they will attack it. If you want to keep the unicorn as a 'steed', then it is advisable to leave it away from guards and other NPCs.

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